Why It’s Important To Get Your Energy Performance Certificate

energy performance certificate

Energy performance certificates describe the energy efficiency of a building. They are usually undertaken by an independent assessor who inspects the building and produces an assessment of its energy efficiency. Once the rating is complete the certificate informs the building owner what they can expect from their electricity and gas supply.


Energy performance certificates are basically a rating system to assess the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. The certificate also includes recommendations, often based on cost per meter, how you can improve your properties’ energy rating, and tips to keep your bills down. Energy performance certificates are widely used in most countries.

There are many different types of energy assessors. Usually they are the local council who carry out the rating on new build homes and developments. However there are also outsourced energy assessors who can be hired to assess buildings on a monthly basis for a fixed fee. Either way, it’s important to have your building regularly inspected by an energy assessor as the quality of your heating and cooling can affect the success of your application for an energy performance certificate. One of the main advantages of using an accredited professional is that they can quickly identify problems which may otherwise be overlooked.


Many property owners are concerned about rising energy prices and the effect this will have on their bottom line. Using energy efficient appliances can greatly reduce the amount of money you pay for heating and cooling costs. This is especially important for those who rent out their buildings as when you compare energy efficiency ratings you will find buildings that are classed as ‘A’ rated are actually much cheaper to run than buildings which are classed as ‘B’. This may surprise some people who are often told that they will have to pay more to get a lower rating! Of course, these same people will use an accredited inspector to check your property for you so there should be no reason to worry about overpaying.

As landlords and letting agents it is important to make your tenants aware of how important it is to make sure they are both energy efficient and receive a suitable energy performance certificate. It’s always best to employ a professional assessor as they will understand exactly what to look for on a property. Tenants don’t have the knowledge to know what types of appliances are rated in terms of energy efficiency. They will usually only know that they need to consider paying a higher rental to ensure they enjoy warm weather periods.


For anyone considering investing in a property it is essential that they get a good energy performance certificate which tells them how energy efficient their new building is. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a house or a flat, you need to check that it is suitable to provide good energy efficiency as well as being safe and secure. If you are thinking of investing in a property whether it is an apartment or a house, it is worth hiring an assessor to make sure your energy efficiency and energy requirements are met.

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