Where to Stay on Your Dog Friendly Accommodation Holidays

check out the rates before you book

Dog friendly accommodation is available in all price ranges and this should not be a deterrent to people looking for the perfect place for their four legged companion. It is important to realise that the majority of places that will allow you to leave your dog at home will require you to pay a deposit. This is usually refundable should you want to return to the dog-friendly accommodation later on. As long as you take care to check out the rates before you book, you should not have too many problems finding something suitable for both you and your dog.

When looking for a dog friendly accommodation, one of the first places to look is on the internet. There are plenty of websites dedicated to allowing other dog owners to post their requirements for dog holidays. However, when searching online it is important to remember to check out the booking website before you do. You may find that the prices quoted there are higher than booking via a local travel agent.

pick up food and other items for your pet

Local businesses such as restaurants, hotels and campsites often have rooms available to let out if you are looking for dog friendly accommodation. These can often be found just after Christmas and at a lower price than what you would expect to pay via the internet. Another place that many dog owners choose when looking for dog friendly accommodation is a local farm market. These markets are filled with different activities and you will often be able to pick up food and other items for your pet while you are shopping.

If you are on a budget and prefer to book online then it is worth considering the purchase of a dog friendly accommodation cottages. The main advantage of using cottages is that they provide you with the reassurance that your pet will be in a secure environment in which they are familiar with. If you are looking for a particularly quiet holiday then consider choosing a cottage in the country. Many of these are in very wooded areas and give you a feeling of peace and quiet yet give your pet plenty to do. Many of the cottages come with their own kitchen so you should not have too much trouble preparing your dog meals.

dog friendly accommodation cottages

If you would prefer a more traditional type of holiday then there are dog friendly accommodation cottages that are available to rent. These are also ideal for those travelling with another dog or several dogs. Again these can be booked as part of a package where you get to sleep in the cottage with your dogs and also get your own meals provided. You will find that these types of dog travel accommodation are often located in quiet areas where there are no shops nearby or other dogs to keep the dogs occupied. Most of these are situated on the outskirts of large towns and cities, making them perfect places for long holidays with your pet.

With all the different types of dog friendly accommodation that are available it may become a little confusing when deciding where to go and what to do. Use the internet and read reviews sites to help you decide on what best suits your budget and which places offer the best dog friendly accommodation for you and your dog. With such a wide choice available you will be able to find the perfect place to go and stay for a great holiday with your special furry friend. Good luck on your search.

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