What is a Samurai Sword?

the history of Samurai Swords

The word “Samurai Swords” immediately reminds us of a time when armors and soldiers did battle on the battlefields of Japan. From Japan itself, to Korea, to China, even Vietnam, Samurai Swords has been a symbol of authority and bravery for many centuries. Today they remain as beloved a weapon as they were during the time of Samurai.

Now we take a look at the history of Samurai Swords. In early medieval Japan, the Samurai would be called upon to defend the villages from attacks from marauding enemy nations. Samurai warriors used these new swords not only to fight but also to perform important tasks in the society of those times. As a matter of fact, Samurai Swords was so popular that when the country finally declared war against the western world, Samurai Swords was used in a variety of ways, such as cutting off the ears of defeated enemy soldiers and carrying them as a sign of victory. Eventually, Samurai Swords was so very popular that they became a prestigious possession for every Samurai during battle.

longer than the blade of the samurai swords

As mentioned above, Samurai Swords was exclusively used by samurai warriors in ancient Japan. But prior to this time, there existed a type of sword also called the wakizashi, which were not actually designed for use as a weapon, but rather as something to carry on the person. This short sword was roughly one to three feet long and had a curved blade that was much longer than the blade of the samurai swords.

It was these “daisho” or large swords that changed the way that Asian Martial Arts were taught for the better. This new, smaller martial arts weapon was actually a concealed blade that was extremely difficult to see, until a few decades later. At that time, Samurai Swords came to be known as “maori” or “iori”, which means giant and small respectively. They were considered to be more graceful than their larger counterparts and as a result, many of the old methods of karate and judo began to incorporate grappling moves and throws into their styles. This new martial arts weapon was the perfect weapon to practice new fighting skills and strategies against an opponent. This is why they have become such a major part of the martial arts community in modern Japan.

Samurai Swords in particular was fairly standard

Now, let’s take a look at a couple of examples of these Japanese swords. The most well-known is the Wakizashi (wavy sword), which was primarily used in close range combat. The cache is also known as a side sword and was traditionally used in order to parry an opponent’s strike. Another sword, known as the endo, also performs a similar function, but it is longer and heavier. Finally, another popular style is the katana, which is basically the same sword as the wakizashi, but is shorter.

In the early days of the samurai, the weapons they used varied quite a bit from tribe to tribe. Samurai Swords in particular was fairly standard, just like most European swords at the time, although there were some minor variations that can be seen in some Asian traditions today. During the reign of Meiji (the 18th Century), many major innovations were introduced to the Samurai Sword, including katana designs that were much more ornate and elaborate. After World War II, Japan was hit hard by the American invasion and all the upheaval that came with it. Many soldiers in the military were also taken from the army and placed into Japan, making it very important for the Japanese to arm themselves with modern weapons, such as the Samurai Sword. In the 21st Century, the Samurai Sword has regained its place as a mainstay in the Japanese military, and many new designs and technologies have been introduced, including but not limited to, interchangeable blades and scabbards (which can be folded away).

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