What Are The Factors When Purchasing Body Armor

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Body Armor

Body Armor is used by members of law enforcement, firefighters, and security personnel as a protective layer against bodily trauma and impact. When ballistic armor protects the wearer from such trauma, it gives the officer superior comfort and protection. Since every individual’s body type is unique, the only way to ensure that body armor properly fits an individual is to have it customized. The best way for an officer to be properly fitted for body armor is for him/her to wear a full-body full tactical vest.


Full body tactical vests are often referred to as modular.

They are made of heavy-duty nylon and polyester and have integrated pockets and pouches along with strategic accessory pockets and straps. In addition, many models offer a modular form fit system where the individual components are configured to overlap to fit over the individual’s pants. This feature is great for wearing body armor in colder climates where multiple layers may be required to protect against the cold.


The key to properly fitting body armor on an officer

is making sure that the vest covers as much area as possible. For example, if the target is an obese person, the armor should be designed to fit tightly across the body so that excess weight is not added. Likewise, if the individual is heavily built-up in the chest area, the jacket should cover the majority of the chest but should be made thin enough to cover the upper portion of the arms. For the armor to properly fit the individual, the plates must be sized correctly and the attachment points on the ballistic panels must line up with the actual target.


Although it may seem like it

officers do not need a lot of padding to adequately protect themselves from the various threats they face daily. If the body armor is too tight or too loose, it will either rub off against clothing or simply not work at all. The best solution is for the officers to get a plate that is the correct size for their body and then get body armor that is designed to fit properly so that the plates can move over the chest area and cover the right amount of space. Doing it the right way will reduce the chance of the vest or other clothing being rubbed off or having too much room to move around in.


Officers who purchase new body armor

need to make sure they follow all of the rules regarding wearing it. Although it is allowed, officers should not wear the vest under any circumstances unless it is being worn under tactical gear such as an individual protective equipment vest or a helmet. It is also highly recommended that the individual be sure to get fitted for a new vest so that the plate fits properly and so that there is enough room for movement. If the individual tries to wear the vest under tactical gear, it may not always cover enough space or there will be a gap between the body armor and the tactical vest.


It is also extremely important that the person wears the body armor according

to the recommendations in the manual. The manual may suggest a different amount of protection from each of the ballistic protection options. If the person does not wear the proper size and design of the vest, it could reduce the effectiveness of the vest.

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