The Three Main Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

benefits of cold water therapy

It may not realize it, but their popular cold water therapy fundraiser can actually be benefiting not only their favorite cause but their own health too. Hydrotherapy, or increasing general physical health by applying cold water at different temperatures, has had a storied history, from the freezing cold temperature-regulated baths of ancient Rome to today’s health spas. While the popularity of hydrotherapy in recent years has declined in most countries due to pollution and fears about the harmful effects of water under pressure, some regions have kept it alive. The United States, however, banned hydrotherapy after World War II because of the danger of radiation from such high pressure pumps. Recently, however, more people have been enjoying the benefits, including patients recovering from strokes and heart attacks and athletes using the therapy for increased endurance and lowered body fat.

While hydrotherapy is still beneficial to some, especially those with high blood pressure or anemia, the majority of the world’s population has become wary of the practice due to the concern over harmful press regarding the dangers of cold water. Many people are also concerned about the safety of the equipment used, especially since they are surrounded by electrical outlets and potentially dangerous machinery. However, these safety concerns are unfounded; cold water therapy has no known dangers, and the equipment used is perfectly safe for use around children. This is particularly important when using the equipment near the pool or hot tub, as the lower temperatures can pose a real threat to children and the elderly, who can be frail and unaware of their body’s temperature.

It may  improve your mental health

One of the major benefits of cold water therapy is weight loss. By reducing your body temperature below your normal body temperature, you can naturally lose unwanted pounds. By reducing the amount of calories your body consumes through strenuous exercise, and burning that energy through cold water aerobic exercises, you can drop pounds in a relatively short period of time. In addition to weight loss benefits, reducing your body temperature will help you feel more relaxed and stress-free, which can improve your mental health as well.

The second major benefit of cold thermogenesis is increased stamina. Your body will naturally generate more energy when you are cold than when you are warm. During cold water immersion, this increased energy helps to increase your overall stamina so that you can exercise longer. You will burn more calories during exercise when you have more energy, and there is no decline in calories burned when you are cold. This gives you an advantage over someone who is exercising at a higher rate than you are, and it gives you a distinct advantage over someone who is exercising at a lower rate.

This can have a tremendous effect on your quality of life, both personally and socially

The third major benefit of cold water therapy is an increased mental clarity. One of the primary benefits of cold thermogenesis is that it forces your mind to focus on what is happening, rather than what has happened in the past or what is happening presently. When you are intensely focused on what is going on, you increase your cognitive ability and your reaction time.

These are just three of the benefits of cold water therapy. For optimum results, it is important to get your body into the right state of cold water immersion. It is best to do this within five minutes, and it is important that you not hold onto it for more than 10 minutes. Doing these three things will increase the benefits of cold water therapy to you, both mentally and physically.

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