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The Proper Way to Put Your Contact Lens Into Your Eye

If you’re a new contact lens wearer, you’ve probably wondered how to properly place your lens into your eye. The proper way to do so is to look straight ahead while holding your non-dominant hand up to the top of your head. Then, with your dominant hand, hold the upper eyelid open, and your non-dominant hand down, and gently massage the closed eyelids. Afterward, open your eyes and blink. Check your lenses by looking in the mirror to make sure they fit correctly.

Holding The Right Side Up

When inserting your contact lens, always make sure you’re holding the right side up. You never want to mix the right and left lenses. Then, when you’re removing them, be sure to use your fingertips, not your nails. A sharp object like a nail can scratch your lens, so you should always avoid using your nails while removing your contact lenses. After you’ve removed the lens from your eye, make sure to wipe your hands clean with an antibacterial handwashing solution.

Use A Clean Sink To Wash Your Hands

When you first insert your contacts, be sure to always use a clean sink to wash your hands. If you’re using tap water, you can potentially introduce parasites or microbes into your eyes when you’re placing a contact lens in your eye. Also, remember to thoroughly wash your hands before handling your lenses. Lastly, remove your lenses from their case. To begin, turn the contacts one-way and place them on your finger. Give your lens one second to “suction” on your eyelid, then slowly lift your eyelid and place the contact lens into your pupil. Blink a few times to help the contact lens firmly bond to your eye.

Use The Bowl-shaped Shape Of Your Fingertip

The correct way to insert a contact lens into your eye is very important. Accidentally inserting it inside out will not hurt your eye, but it won’t feel good. The proper way to insert a contact lens into your eyes is to use the bowl-shaped shape of your fingertip. The bowl-shaped shape should sit on the flat part of your fingertip. If you accidentally put your contact in the wrong way, it might scratch your eye and cause irritation.

Examine The Lens

To insert a contact lens, start by placing it on your dominant hand. Then, examine the lens. If it’s damaged, try to remove it with your fingertips. If it’s the right way to put your contact, your fingers should face the same direction. And if your contact is too tight, the edges should be facing upwards instead of outwards. When you’re done, place your contact on your eye.

In Summary

You can also use your dominant hand to put your contact in the right way. Before you put your contacts into your eye, make sure that your hands are dry. If you’re not sure, you should use a clean towel. Similarly, if you’re a beginner, you should never use your nails to place your contacts into your eye. This can result in scratched lenses. Therefore, the proper way to put your contact lens is to always wear it correctly.

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