The Best Document Management Software For Your Office

can manage different types of document files

A Document Management Service is a set of computer software that is used to get, store and manage documents and thereby reduce paper waste. These systems are typically used for work in the office or for companies who have a high need of documentation. A number of these systems come with security options to ensure confidentiality of documents. Some document management services also have workflow solutions to speed up document management operations.

If you are looking for the best document management software, consider Templafy as your first option.  It comes with a user-friendly interface, drag and drop feature and a fast indexing speed. This makes it highly suitable for businesses that do a lot of document storage and management. Because it is an open source software, it is free to download.

Another tool that you should consider is Mobile apps. There are many mobile apps that provide a great deal of value and functionality when it comes to Document Management Tools. The most popular among them is the iPhone Document Picker. It allows you to scan, edit, restore and organize documents in your iPhone using a wide range of functions including thumbnails, attachments, keywords and search options. Many other apps are available on the market.

An open source software program

When it comes to third-party apps that are available for Document Management Tools, there is one particularly useful one called docuware Mobile. Mobile is an open source app that is very useful when it comes to document storage, organization and restoration. It can be used on any smartphone and works well regardless of the device’s OS and applications installed on it. Along with the iPhone, you will also find several other popular devices including Blackberry, Android phones and Windows Phones. One of its key features is its ability to index all your files and documents on a certain schedule, enabling you to quickly check for changes or new additions to your files anytime.


If you want to take things further, you can use master control. Like docuware Mobile, it is an open source app and is quite popular as a result. However, master control is different because it does not allow you to manage your mobile files via your desktop computer. Instead, it works via the internet. If you have documents stored on a server but need access to them immediately, you can simply sync your data over the internet using the provided Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone.

So if you’re looking for the best document management software for your office, consider investing in either docuware Mobile or master control. Both these apps are ideal for business owners who have multiple documents stored on various servers. If you have a smartphone that can easily connect to the internet, it would make sense to sync all your documents to your smartphone as soon as they are created or even on certain occasions when you need them the most. You will definitely appreciate being able to access all your files at any time.

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