How Are Bronze Casting Techniques Used?

There are two types of bronze sculpture artists. One is the traditional artist who makes his or her bronze sculptures by hand. The other uses automatic equipment to create his or her works of art. In both cases, the artists are highly skilled craftsmen who can produce amazing masterpieces of bronze sculpture. However, there is a difference between traditional and automatic bronze sculpture artists.

bronze casting


Bronze casting is done for bronzes, which are semi-precious stones used in ancient civilization to create vessels, weapons and other items. The word bronzes comes from Greek words that mean “bronze” and “statue”. In ancient times, bronzes were most commonly used to create large statues that were used as a focal point in homes, churches and other buildings. Bronze statues were also more expensive than other types of bronze casting.


The main elements used in the bronze casting process are clay and powders that are heated until they reach the melting stage. The clay container is called a mould while the powder is shaped into the form of the object that needs to be cast. To cast a living bronze statue, an interior cavity called the cavity tun is filled with molten wax while the exterior shell or cauldron is left solid. The bronze statues were initially made from clay and water and later on hardened by means of lime and sand. Bronze is a soft metal, so when it is hardened, it tends to lose its original shape, which is why the older the bronze statues are the more intricate they are.

In contrast to the bronze age, the copper age was characterized by massive copper production and marked technological progress. Copper statues in particular were extensively produced during the bronze age. The development of copper metal castings required enormous amounts of copper and was therefore very expensive when compared to bronze casting.


Bronze sculpture castings of animals and people in general were considered sacred by the ancient people and as such they were often cast in the likeness of divine persons. Animal images were used in architecture and also in creating the first artistic works of art. Examples of bronze sculptures bronze castings of lions, elephants and dogs are easily recognizable. In fact, they have become so famous that they still grace the buildings of cities in Africa and Asia.

The bronze alloys used in bronze sculptures are similar to the ones used for casting bronze statues but because they contain less copper, they tend to be less expensive. Bronze alloys are composed of zinc and tin and the composition is identical to that of marble. The pliable alloy is vulcanized through heating and then the surface of the alloy is hammered to form a hard, smooth and rounded piece. After the coating has been cooled, it is then ready to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

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