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Digital marketing can be very confusing, as many people are not familiar with the term “digital marketing”. Digital marketing is pretty self explanatory; it is basically defined as web and online marketing using digital means. However, digital marketing also encompasses the kind of methodology under whichUSE these digital tools in order to drive sales. In other words, inbound marketing focuses on building a user experience based on mutual trust, which is quite the opposite of interruption, or outbound marketing (which is simply telemarketing, billboards, etc.)

When developing any digital marketing strategy, you must first lay the foundation. This means that you need to determine what your “brand” or company is and what you stand for. From there you can build your “product” or service. Once you have both the product and service firmly established, you can begin laying the groundwork for your SEO strategy. The most important foundation that any company needs is an understanding of ROI and customer insight.

Let’s take each of these factors individually:

ROI stands for return on investment, and in the world of digital marketing strategy, this means returning on investment for your brand or company. Customer insight tells us about what kind of behavior and buying habits will bring in leads and convert them into customers. Knowing this kind of information is crucial to the success of any online campaign. Many companies make the mistake of believing that their social media strategy alone is all that is necessary, but this is not true.

Pay per click is one of the most common methods that is used in the world of online marketing, and it can be a great way to drive up your “cost per click”, which is a fancy way of saying how much you will pay for each click. So what is pay per click? This is simply the PPC ads that are placed on the top or side of search engine pages. When people search for a specific term, such as “PPC services,” “digital marketing strategy” or “SEO services,” the search engines will send the browser a list of websites that fit that search query. When they click on one of those websites, the search engine company will pay the website owner a predetermined amount of money (based on the contract between the search engine and the website owner).

PPC advertising campaign

There is a little bit more to creating your PPC advertising campaign, but once you’ve got everything set-up, you can start to see an increase in traffic. Now, let’s talk about customer insight. What do you mean by that? Simply put, the more accurate you are with your advertising and your web content, the more likely people are to turn into paying customers. The goal of your digital marketing strategy should be to rank high in the search results for your chosen keywords so that you will have plenty of qualified leads turning into paying sales.

Now, all you need to do is to start writing articles, posting them to web 2.0 platforms, and participating in forums where your chosen keywords can be used as titles. You may also want to take the time to optimize your website for the search engines, but if you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on that until you know what your digital marketing strategy really is and how it will work for your business. Once you’ve gotten a handle on things, you can start spending some money on PPC services to help boost up your traffic volume. The goal of any SEO campaign is to improve the quality of the traffic that you get, so optimizing your website and writing articles is only part of the equation.

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