Commercial Grade Sectional Flag Poles

Flagpole (n.) An ancient, obsolete term for a wooden pole (now commonly used in place of a roofing pole). Also called grommet (also obsolete), a flagpole is a low, flat pole used to securely suspend a flag. Its length is not limited by building code requirements; it may be as long as 80 feet. The flagpole may be mounted on private property, on a pole supported by a building, or on a flagpole pier.


The location where the flagpole is to be located is determined by local authorities, usually by a surveyor

In many cases, the pole may need to be located at the corner of a block or corner of a parking lot. Once located, the flagpole is placed on top of the pole and secured with screws or nails. Flags are hoisted by professional flagpole sitters, who often come in pairs, one on each corner. In urban areas, the flagpole is mounted on the outside wall of a building and therefore faces the building’s exterior. If the building is an apartment building, however, the flagpole is mounted on the inside wall.


Flagpoles come in many types and styles

The traditional flagpole is shaped like a triangle and is commonly called a triangular flagpole. These triangular flagpoles are easy to construct and maintain. They have no top ladders, so the “climbing” factor is not necessary. However, they do offer better visibility from the top of the pole than other pole designs.


Flagpole sitting services will have their employees trained in efficiently placing the flagpoles

Some people in an area are opposed to having large commercial businesses and would prefer smaller flagpole sitters on the smaller, residential ones. In this case, it is important to locate a flagpole sitting service near the business that wishes to use it. Flagpole sitting services will have their employees trained in efficiently placing the flagpoles. It may also be beneficial to ask a contractor or building owner if he or she would recommend a certain pole-sitting service. If you are not sure which service is best for you, ask your friends, family members, and co-workers which flagpole they use and why.


Many commercial-grade sectional flagpoles are available for sale and delivery via UPS or FedEx

These flatbed flagpole structures ship via UPS Ground and are available in nine different models. Some of these flagships ship via UPS Ground express, which means the flagships are already attached to the trucks and are ready to be shipped. The other method is to have a UPS ground representative come to your location and inspect the flagpoles to determine which model and flagpole best suits your needs.


The weight of a flagpole can vary greatly depending on the brand and type of material it is made from

The heavier the flagpole, the more expensive it will be. Fiberglass flagpoles tend to be the lightest and less expensive. A homeowner may want to think about installing fiberglass flagpoles because it is so easy to transport, is very durable, and will last for many years.

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