Chocolate Is Good For You!

Chocolate is one of the most decadent foods known to man

It has been consumed by millions of people around the world for hundreds of years and has a very strong cultural influence. There have, however, been many recent studies which suggest that chocolate can actually be good for you. Some reasons why chocolate is good are discussed below.

One reason why chocolate is good for you is that it contains flavonoids. These flavonoids protect the body from developing certain types of cancer, including cancers of the mouth and throat. A study published in the journal of Nutrition found that consuming around 45 grams a day (equivalent to about 2 ounces) resulted in an impressive 20% reduction in stroke risk among postmenopausal women and a similar proportion reduction in male participants who ate chocolate. Even younger people were found to benefit, with consumption on an average of thirty to forty grammes per day being associated with a reduction in certain types of cancer.

the more widely sold cocoa varieties are thought to be among the best

Another reason why eating chocolate is beneficial is because it has natural antioxidants which can help the body fight against disease and illness. These flavonoids occur in a variety of different types of chocolate, but the one most readily available in popular chocolate varieties is the cocoa bean. Cocoa in chocolate is also one of the highest antioxidant levels currently achievable in any food, so eating chocolate could potentially help prevent premature aging and a wide range of health problems. While there are other varieties of chocolate which contain higher levels of antioxidants.

In recent years, chocolate has also started to feature more natural ingredients. High quality chocolate products are now farmed out and sold as organic, or biodynamic, so that farmers do not use dangerous pesticides and other chemicals to increase production. Organic chocolate is becoming more popular all over the world, as people become increasingly aware of the need to avoid harmful substances. For example, organic chocolate is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, so that the farmers are not exposing their cocoa beans to toxic levels of chemicals when they are grown.

The flavonoids found in this type of chocolate

One of the main reasons as to why eating dark chocolate is beneficial comes from the fact that it contains flavonoids and other antioxidants which are known to reduce the risk of heart disease.  Act in a manner which prevents the oxidation of fats within the blood vessels. This means that dark chocolate consumption is likely to reduce cholesterol levels and may even reduce the risk of heart disease. Some research has suggested that eating around three bars a day could even cut the risk of coronary artery disease by up to 25%. While this is not the maximum amount of chocolate which should be eaten, it is a noticeable decrease in the levels of bad LDL cholesterol and increases the good HDL cholesterol, which is vital to the health of the heart.

In addition to reducing the risks of heart disease, eating chocolate could also lead to weight loss. The sugar in chocolate contains both quantity and sugar, which mean that if eaten in moderation it could actually help to reduce the amount of fat on your body. This means that chocolate could act as a slimming aid and could help overweight individuals to lose weight.

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