5 Types of Eco-Friendly Materials

We all want to save money when it comes to paying our monthly heating and cooling bills. Energy-efficient heating and air conditioning cost more than traditional methods of heating because they use more energy and are more expensive to run. However, there is one big exception to this – energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems do not use any more energy than their less efficient counterparts. You can get this kind of efficient air conditioning and heating system for well under a thousand dollars if you know where to look. In other words, there is lots of room in your home to save money with an energy-efficient system, but you need to be willing to take the time and research to find it.


One way to help reduce energy bills and save money

is by using environmentally friendly insulation materials. If you have existing insulation in your home then you may want to consider recycling it by contacting your local haulage company or landfill. Also available as denim insulation, recycled denim insulation consists of scraps of old denim that are left over after the clothing manufacturing process has been completed. By using this material you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of electricity you use from your power supply, thereby saving you money on your power bill. While not completely eco-friendly, the material will still be much less harmful to the environment than traditional cellulose insulation.


It is also possible

to install environmentally friendly insulation on your own. There is DIY energy star sheeting available at most home improvement stores or online retailers that sell insulation products. By following the instructions carefully for how to make the sheets and cutting and gluing them together, you will be able to significantly reduce your electricity and gas bill while making a difference to the planet. In addition, if you are concerned about being compatible with other homeowners and your environment then you may want to consider purchasing environmentally friendly insulation materials. This way you can feel good about helping the environment while saving money on your power bills. Some types of insulation that are sold in roll form can easily be cut down to size and used in your home.


another way that you can make a difference in the world while saving money is by recycling your old, broken, or unwanted insulation products. You can purchase eco-friendly rolls of fiberglass insulation at your local hardware store or by searching the internet for websites that specialize in selling recycled materials. Many companies will take your old fiberglass insulation, jewelry boxes, empty coffee cans, or any other type of insulation and turn them into new, eco-friendly fiberglass insulation that you can then put into your home. In addition, some companies will even repair small tears that you find in your insulation so that you can ensure it is as durable as possible. As with other types of insulation products that you would purchase, fiberglass insulation comes in many different shapes, colors, and textures that allow it to work well with both classic and contemporary designs. Best of all, fiberglass insulation does not contain any formaldehyde.


In addition,

if you would rather skip having to buy a brand new, eco-friendly roll of insulation and instead just need a slightly damaged area of one you can purchase a patch of fiberglass insulation that is one or two percent recycled content for significantly less money. This type of fiberglass insulation has proven to work extremely well in reducing heat loss through refrigeration units and walls and ceiling fans. However, if you find that you still have some smaller areas where cold air escapes, all you have to do is cut up the insulation a little bit, and the bottom of the patch off, and tuck it underneath where the cold air is supposed to escape. This way you will have a very little area that is still allowing the heat to escape but will not be as bad on your energy bill.



there are also eco-friendly materials such as cellulose and aerogel that you can purchase in a roll form. These types of insulation products offer the same insulation benefits as regular rolled insulation products but in a much more convenient package. Because of the way they are manufactured, you can install them much like you would install R-values in your home. Then simply cut the cellulose or aerogel into the appropriate dimensions and stick it down with tape. For an instant, you have the insulation equivalent of sticking R-values down in your attic, wall, or floor. These types of products can save you a lot of money and increase the overall energy efficiency of your home.

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